Create a relationship with your self through a personal yoga practice that supports your health and well-being


Private yoga instruction is ideal for anyone looking to sustain the effects of either general yoga classes or yoga therapy classes in a personal practice that can be done comfortably on one’s own.

Private yoga instruction is ideal for anyone who:

  • Is new to yoga
  • Wants to sustain the effects of either general yoga classes or yoga therapy classes
  • Would like to create a personal practice that can be done comfortably on one’s own

Personal yoga therapy practices can be designed to address:

  • Healing from an injury, old or new
  • Management of a specific health condition(s)
  • Preparation for surgery and healing/recovery after surgery
  • Preparation for medical treatment, such as chemotherapy, and healing/recovery after treatment

The difference between a yoga therapy personal practice and yoga personal practice lies in the way the tools of yoga - movement, breathing, use of sound, visualization, gesture, guided relaxation, and meditation - are specifically adapted to address the symptoms and effects of a specific health condition or combination of health conditions.

I custom-design personal practices that are tailored to meet your unique personal needs and health conditions.

Interested in developing a personal practice?

I work with you to design a customized practice built around your body structure, physical health, emotions, interests, lifestyle, and schedule. The practice is developed during one-on-one meetings in which assessment, instruction, and demonstration are provided, giving the student the tools and other information necessary to practice confidently and independently.

In addition to working with individuals, I will custom design curriculum for groups of any size on any number of topics in formats such as a multi-class series, workshops, or retreats.

Kind Words

"Aggie’s instruction is informed by her knowledge, great patience, and her passion for teaching and the teachings. Practicing with Aggie has helped me to be more comfortable in my body and in the world.

I am quite grateful for iRest Yoga Nidra in my life. The practice is authentically restorative: it revives, strengthens, and encourages body and mind.

It was my good fortune to have Aggie appear as a teacher at the perfect moment. Initially I was resistant to the teaching. Aggie worked with that resistance in the same way she instructs students to “meet and greet” physical and mental resistance.”


“At times, a practice may feel deceptively simple. I never feel I’m just ‘going through the motions’—rather, a sense of form and purpose shape each session, which my body experiences as natural and nourishing. The integrative effects carry-over into daily life.

A beginning student when I met Aggie, I am ever grateful for how she made yoga immediately accessible to me, as well as cultivating my desire to develop and deepen my practice. For continuity, at each session she gave us hand-drawn illustrations for home practice, which made a difference in my daily life, and motivated me to return to class.

She is an extraordinary, natural teacher, combining discipline and passion with a gentle, elegant manner. She is an excellent communicator and listener. Over the last two years, trying out other classes and teachers, I’ve found none to compare. What distinguishes Aggie for me is her unique, dynamic approach to integrating the breath with movement, her precise attention to preparing and sequencing poses, and the quality of her methods for breath awareness. Of note is that whenever I describe her yoga teachings, others are intrigued.

The quality of her attention and reverence is a gift. I began working with Aggie while grieving the death of both parents and feeling no compass. More than any other health modality, yoga with Aggie restored me. I trust Aggie and am grateful for her deep yogic knowledge and dedication to the teaching art, and to her students.”

-Mary Ann

“With every session, Aggie has met me on the mat with her presence and the energy of acceptance as is. And my heart, soul, mind and body have come to that place of knowing: Acceptance, as is; I am enough.

Acceptance, as is. From my first class with Aggie, and over the three months I have been practicing with her, this has been the message and the energy that fills the space and allows me to trust, relax, and let myself be me.

I had been a natural athlete in my youth, taking my body for granted, confident and at ease with whatever movement was needed to achieve the goal. Injuries, a sedentary career, lack of regular exercise, all led to my body becoming stiff and sore; and which led me to give yoga one more try.

‘Hi, I'm Brenda, I don't like yoga.’ And Aggie smiled, welcoming me as is. Now three months later, having continued with weekly practice, my self consciousness, the awkwardness of my movements, the perceived mistakes of I'm not doing it right, have all softened; as have my tight and sore muscles and joints.”


"I am grateful to Aggie for having created a space in which I could encounter and begin to address these habits from a new perspective.        

Aggie lives yoga. Before I met her, I saw yoga primarily as a tool for physical exercise. I spent ten years of my adult life as a runner, and I appreciated yoga as a stretching practice that could help me avoid injury. After I stopped running, I continued yoga until the teacher I liked best left teaching because of medical issues. I discovered yoga as a broader practice when I began taking classes with Aggie a few years ago.

I started taking yoga classes with Aggie to address physical problems I have developed with mobility in my neck and shoulders because of all the tension I hold there. Those classes have helped me a lot with physical issues. And a feature of those classes also began to bring me to a new understanding of yoga as life practice.

All of Aggie's therapeutic series include a one-on-one session that helps her recommend home practice appropriate for the individual student. After I had taken Aggie's series for neck and shoulder tension for about a year, we talked in one of my one-on-one sessions about her course on yoga for writers.

Like many writers, I encounter various challenges in maintaining my daily writing practice, so I took Aggie’s course the next time she offered it. The course integrated instruction in yogic texts with instruction in breathing practices, chants, and asanas. Aggie also asked participants to do work outside the classes that went beyond daily asana and breathing practice. One of the most effective exercises for me was one in which she asked us to write about patterns of thought that blocked our ability to keep our daily writing practice going. During the in-class meditation that followed this exercise, I confronted a powerful set of habits of thought that come from my family of origin and continue to block my reaching my full potential as a writer. I am grateful to Aggie for having created a space in which I could encounter and begin to address these habits from a new perspective.

Aggie has had a significant impact on my life as a teacher, writer, and practitioner of yoga. I admire the way that she lives yoga rather than simply teaching it. In her, I see a model for putting yogic teachings into practice in a variety of areas in one's life. She has helped me find new ways to integrate yoga practices and teachings into my own life, and through her I have begun to use yogic tools to address issues in areas of my life besides the physical. The habits of thought that I have learned from Aggie--including a gentle and forgiving attitude towards oneself and one's practice--are helping me to continue my development as a full human being."

- Kathryn