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Make Your Words Shine With Aggie!

As a writer, you’ve done the difficult work of taking an abstract idea and bringing it to life on the page. Congratulations! This is no small feat.

Now, your hard work needs to be looked at by someone who has a trained and experienced editorial eye to help work out any potential issues in clarity, readability, and consistency.

I have that editorial eye, and work with you in partnership, offering astute queries, skillful suggestions, and artful changes that maintain your unique voice and perspective.

You can hire me to provide a single service or a bundle of services, from manuscript evaluation to proofreading and indexing that save you time and money. With every service pass I make on your project, I become that much more familiar with it, thinking with you and bringing an invaluable fresh perspective to help you with both big-picture issues and the nitty-gritty details.


My Services

Manuscript Evalution

After reading your complete manuscript — book, chapter, article/essay, thesis/dissertation — I’ll provide an appraisal of the writing’s strengths and weaknesses, make recommendations for editing services, and provide a sample edit of 5–10 pages.

Developmental Editing

I’ll work with you to structure or restructure your manuscript so that its content and organization meet your intention and the reader’s need for clarity and accessibility, consistency, and completeness. 

Line Editing

I’ll literally work at the sentence and paragraph levels, looking at paragraph structure and organization; sentence structure, clarity, and variety; and word choice.

Copy Editing

 I’ll fact check and edit grammar, spelling, punctuation, and usage, correcting errors and ensuring consistency according to an agreed upon professional style manual and any additions to that manual included on a style sheet for the project.

Heavy Copyediting

I’ll line edit and copyedit your manuscript simultaneously in a single pass.


 I’ll read to ensure style has been applied to final revisions and previous copyediting has been entered correctly, ensuring all parts of a manuscript are placed and formatted as they should be.


 I’ll create a subject and/or author index to your desired level of detail.

Beta Reading

 I’ll read your draft book manuscript, fiction or nonfiction, and provide a 5–10-page reader report of its strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

Holistic Writing Coaching

Please see the Holistic Writing Coaching page for details.

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