Deepen your teaching through mentorship


Teaching yoga is as much a practice as our own personal practice. This is especially true when it comes to working one-on-one with individuals to develop personal yoga practices designed to meet their unique needs, interests, and goals. It helps to have trusted, knowledgeable, and experienced colleagues who can support our growth as teachers throughout our careers.

How I Can Help

As a mentor, I work with you to develop and hone your skills in:

  • Individual yoga assessment
  • Selecting and adapting yoga tools to include in short, effective personal practices
  • How to progress a student’s personal practice based on reassessment
  • How to refer appropriately when a student’s situation is beyond your experience/scope of practice
  • Sequencing for individual or group classes
  • Sequencing a progressive series of group classes based on an intention for a series
  • Selecting and adapting yoga tools for open, group classes based on who is in the room

Mentorship is for you if you’re:

  • A healthcare practitioner with some formal yoga training who wants to incorporate yoga into the care you provide to patients or clients
  • Looking for trusted guidance to grow in your teaching skills and abilities
  • In need of feedback around work you’re doing with a particular student or group
  • Feeling stuck or stagnant in what or how you’re teaching
  • Eager to expand what you teach, both content and format
  • Ready to reach new and different groups of students
aggie stewart mentorship

Interested in how mentorship with me works?